Why Your Car’s Suspension System & Alignment Is Important

Each system in your engine plays a vital role in ensuring your vehicle drives safely and smoothly. Your car’s suspension system and the alignment of your wheels play an exceptionally special role in ensuring your drive is safe and smooth. In fact, without a properly working suspension system and tires that are properly aligned, you might find yourself bumping along. 

Your car’s suspension system and correct alignment are responsible for keeping your car in control, as it will maximize the contact between the tires and the road. It is also key to the comfort of your passengers, especially if you are driving on a bumpy or rough road. Your shocks and struts make up a vital component of your suspension system, as they: 

  1. Monitor spring and suspension. 
  2. Maintain secure handling and braking. 
  3. Prevent early tire wear and tear. 
  4. Make sure the tires stay on the road. 
  5. Reduce vehicle bounce, roll, and sway. 
  6. Lessen the wear and damage on other suspension system. 

Your car’s suspension system is responsible for the driveability and safety of your vehicle. To add, alignment makes certain your wheels are properly weighted, balanced, and lined up to factory standards so you can drive confidently and safely down the road.

We would be happy to make sure the suspension system and wheel alignment on your vehicle continue to provide a smooth ride. Schedule an appointment or contact Japanese Carmasters in San Diego at (856) 226-0054 if you have any questions! You’ll be glad you did.


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