Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra by FotoSleuth, used under CC BY 2.0

There is no doubt that the Toyota Supra is amazing and cool car! However like any vehicle there are repairs that need to be done, and certain issues that come up regularly. Toyota Supra drivers in San Diego, CA are no exception. Fortunately, the talented and skilled technicians at Japanese CarMasters are well equipped to fix any and all issues your Toyota Supra might be experiencing.

Check Engine Light Due To A Restricted EGR System

Once your vehicle gets to a certain amount of miles, there needs to be special care taken into consideration. Toyota Supra’s in San Diego, CA need to get routinely checked after 100,000 miles. One of the main reasons is due to carbon blocking and restricting the EGR system after 100,000 miles. This is particularly important for Toyota Supra drivers in San Diego, CA because if the EGR system is compromised, it will result in an emissions test failure due to NOX. If your Toyota Supra has an EGR temperature sensor, your check engine light will come on letting you know there is an issue. Our quick and talented technicians will be able to tell immediately what is happening, and will be able to quickly clean out your EGR system.

Faulty Automatic Transmission Shifts

As we mentioned earlier, most vehicles which have accrued high mileage tend to need more check ups, and Toyota Supra are no exception. Toyota Supra’s with a mileage of 125,000-150,000 may notice their automatic transmission may not be shifting properly. Our certified technicians at Japanese CarMasters will be able to quickly notice this problem and will be ready to make sure that you are quickly back on the road driving safely in your Toyota Supra.

Oxygen Sensor Needing Replacement

The EGR system is a crucial part of a Toyota Supra, and drivers in San Diego, CA need to make sure their EGR systems are clean and properly functioning. We talked earlier about the EGR system getting blocked or restricted, due to a buildup of carbon. However, there is another repair that is crucial in nature, because it works so closely with the EGR system. If you are having your EGR system cleaned out, our technicians recommend you replace your oxygen sensor as well, as it works with the EGR system. If one is full of debris and blocked, the other is likely to be as well. Our Japanese CarMasters technicians are well equipped to handle these repairs, and have only one thing on their mind: making sure that you are driving safe!


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