October Is Brake Awareness Month!

October is brake awareness month, which means it is the perfect time to schedule an appointment at Japanese Carmasters in San Diego for brake service. October is brake awareness month for specific reasons, as this month marks the occasion of many changes -- changes that can affect the safety on the roads. 

It is officially fall. With winter quickly approaching, we can expect the sun going down much sooner. Some drivers on the streets aren’t yet aware of this change, which can make for cautious driving. If you need to stop, you want your brakes to react quickly and accurately, especially if you are dealing with pedestrians that haven’t yet realized it is now dark out at 5:00 PM. 

October also means Halloween! Even though this holiday is full of fun and festivity, with just a sprinkle of spookiness, your night can easily take a turn for the worst. Children are twice as more likely to fatal vehicular accident on Halloween night as any other day. On Halloween night, you need to be on your guard, paying close attention to trick-or-treaters. You need your brakes to be working correctly, as your Halloween night can quickly take a turn for the worst if your brakes are not up to par. 

After Halloween, time will fly by, and soon enough, we will be cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving and gift-shopping for Christmas. Before you are dealing with the Holiday heyday, schedule an appointment for brake repair at Japanese Carmasters in San Diego. 

Celebrate brake awareness month by visiting the team at Japanese Carmasters. Schedule an appointment or contact Japanese Carmasters in San Diego at (856) 226-0054 if you have any questions! You’ll be glad you did.


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