Five Best Reasons To Service Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System

Photo by Olav Tvedt on Unsplash

Now that we are in June and the temperatures are climbing, we tend to rely more upon our vehicle’s air conditioning system. A lot of us take our A/C system for granted when all is well. But we can get super uncomfortable the minute the air conditioning system in our car isn’t working properly.

To keep your vehicle’s A/C system running well, you should maintain it regularly, of course. When you bring your vehicle to Japanese Carmasters for major or minor service, for example, we check your air conditioning system during our multi-point inspection to make sure it’s able to keep you cool. That’s a given.

But have you ever thought about the best reasons to service your vehicle’s air conditioning system? Here are the five best reasons we can think of, and we hope it encourages you to never ignore servicing your vehicle again.

Keep yourself cool. -- Okay, this is pretty obvious. You want to make sure you’re comfortable while driving, and we agree with you 100%. When you bring your vehicle to Japanese Carmasters, not only will we make sure you keep cool, but we will follow all of California’s strict regulations that help protect our environment, too. We want to do our part to keep Mother Nature cool, too.

Protect your pets, babies, and backseat passengers better. -- How many of you have sat in the backseat of someone’s car and you couldn’t cool down fast enough? It doesn’t feel good, does it? Our most precious cargo, like our children and our fur babies, have to ride in the back seat. Why make them suffer with an air conditioning system that doesn’t help regulate their body temperatures?

Protect your perishables, like food and flowers, that are sitting in the far back of the vehicle. -- How often have you gone to the grocery store, bought frozen foods and flowers, and had to rush home and unload the groceries before the car got too hot? Yeah, we have, too. When your vehicle’s A/C system isn’t working like it should, it’s really hard to keep your milk, frozen peas, and freshly cut flowers cool. Heaven forbid you have to stop off at the bank and you come back to a puddle of frozen produce and wilted flowers! Do yourself a favor and avoid the heartache and cleanup by servicing your car’s A/C system on a regular basis.

Reduce the time it takes to cool the car down after sitting in the hot sun. -- Recently we saw a hilarious video of a trio of bank robbers who tried to get into the sun-baked-hot getaway car. These guys needed to open the doors and windows to air it out before they could start driving. Then, when they tried to put on their seat belts, they burnt their hands. Next, when the police easily captured them in the bank’s parking lot, one of the burglars complained that the cop car was too hot and they should have kept it running. The moral of the story -- besides don’t rob banks -- is to have a vehicle with a properly operating air conditioning system so the vehicle can cool down faster and you can go on your merry way.

Protect your respiratory system. -- If your car’s air conditioning system is not serviced regularly, the filters and vents can grow moldy. That’s not good for your respiratory system, especially if you have asthma or allergies. Protect your body and ability to breathe by having your A/C system serviced. Your body and your passengers will thank you.

When you want to keep cool in your car, schedule an appointment for air conditioning service at Japanese Carmasters in San Diego. Our caring and attentive team has your best interest at heart, and that you can trust that we won’t oversell or talk you into something your car doesn’t need. Our specialty is taking great care of our clients and their cars. If you require a loaner vehicle or shuttle service while we are repairing your vehicle’s air conditioning system, let us know. We will treat you like family and make sure you are fully satisfied with our customer service experience.

Schedule an online appointment here, or call us if you have questions. We are conveniently located at 7639 Carroll Road, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92121. Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. We look forward to serving you when you need us!


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