If you experience electric issues while driving your vehicle or just trying to start it your electronic display is not working correctly or your radio turns on or off. These could point to damaged electrical wires. Wires can get crossed, the coating on them can become worn or melted. There are times when they can even be chewed!

Chewed by what you ask? Rodents such as rats or mice can oftentimes be the culprit. Rats and mice look for small crevices to hide in any time of year but especially in the winter when it is cold outside. The holes and crevices within your vehicle’s chassis can provide them with the perfect hovel to stay warm and dry.

To avoid this issue, it is best to keep any dry feed for animals including cats and dogs that you might keep in the garage away from your vehicle. Keep your garage as secure as possible making sure that all ventilation holes have proper coverings on them to discourage rodents.

Rodents in your Vehicle in San Diego, CA

Other deterrents would include traditional rodent traps. Furthermore you can open the hood of your car, truck or SUV to eliminate the dark warm environment that rodents look for when trying to create a nest. Here at Japanese Carmasters, we want to help you keep your vehicle safe and reliable for as long as you choose to own it.

So give us a call anytime you are experiencing issues with your vehicle, electronic or otherwise. We can quickly and easily diagnose any problem that you may be experiencing while driving your car. You can also drive by our shop or conveniently schedule a time on our website.

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